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I recently came across a discussion on the treatment of animals and it reminded me of my "Ecosystems & Human Activity" class from last semester. I really enjoyed that class. The teacher, who lives on Saltspring (which says a little bit about her!) was a big advocate for environmentalism and non-genetically modified foods. I agreed with her on more than one level and on innumerable points.

Of course, most people are aware that we have to consume an obscene amount of meat to get the same amount of energy from grains. By eating the grains directly, we would be saving ourselves that trouble. I'm not necessarily advocating vegetarianism here - I'm not a vegetarian myself and I don't think I could be.

But I'm also grateful for Canada's policies on genetically modified foods (specifically milk). In the United States, or so I gather, the use of GMO milk is a big thing. It has to be labelled blue on the shelf, if I remember right, but no one really knows what "genetically modified" means. The cows are injected with something that makes them produce more milk, and in the process of being so heavily milked, get infections in their udders. The pus and antibiotics, which are given to them like one would give candy to a child, wind up in the milk. This instantly sets off a red flag for me.

I'm kind of mulling over the issue of GMOs, humane animal treatment, and vegetarianism right now. There is no real question here, aside from maybe opinion or even the sharing of relative information on GMO's, vegetarianism, or what-have-you.

But I would like to say the use of pregnant mares for their urine and their absolutely horrible treatment apalls me. We use them to create PreMarin, used to treat menopausing women, but what about the horses? And the foals? They live horrible, painful lives, and die horrible, painful deaths. With synthetic versions available, why must we forgo the extra cost and instead inflict this suffering on animals? I very nearly threw something at my television when PreMarin was advertised not too long ago.

Here is a relevant link I found on the milk that sort of sums up what it is all about:
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