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Vanity & Brain Death

I just saw a commercial for a medication called something like "Vaniqa."

Apparently, it's a med for women to rid themselves of excess hair, that you use in conjunction with whatever other form of hair removal you use.

The narrator for the ad says, "Don't you want people to see your natural beauty without that distraction?"

My first thought is... isn't some body hair natural?! It's almost as bad as those teeth whitening product ads. I can't stand those. Your teeth are not MEANT to be white, and those things damage your tooth enamel and are not good for you. It's amazing the kind of ads that plague women in the name of vanity these days. Our society's idea of beauty is just so messed up.


In other news, I'm watching a show about a bulemic woman who goes into cardiac arrest (due to potassium deficiency, a problem associated with bulemia) and becomes (arguably) brain-dead. It's about her family (mother, father, brother) trying to save her from being euthanized, and her husband wanting to let her die (he's her official care-taker).

I'm not sure who I side with, the family or the husband. She does not appear to have any kind of conciousness. It's hard to say, because the husband argues videos of her being responsive are edited to be persuasive. (IE: They tell her 30 times to open her eyes and she doesn't; the 31st try she does, and they only tape that 31st try.) They have neurologists fighting back and forth -- rehabilitation will help her, rehabilitation won't help her, she's brain dead, she's not brain dead...

What do you think? I don't know if I would want to live that way. I don't really think so. And yet, without being in the position of being the woman, I can't say if I would for sure or not.

Ironically, the governor of the state this fiasco takes place in is President Bush.
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