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Talking about MPD and otherkin. Cut for oh no naughty language! and also stupid sarcasm.

Ayumi-Snowe (6:20 PM) :
this is beyond fucked up

The Great Hippo (6:21 PM) :
"part of a multiple personality system"
lost me right there

Ayumi-Snowe (6:21 PM) :

Ayumi-Snowe (6:21 PM) :

Ayumi-Snowe (6:21 PM) :

The Great Hippo (6:21 PM) :
is 'in my house' supposed to be a metaphor for her head, or something? =(

Ayumi-Snowe (6:21 PM) :
MPD freaks me the hell out

Ayumi-Snowe (6:22 PM) :

Ayumi-Snowe (6:22 PM) :
It's like otherkin's spaz cousin.

The Great Hippo (6:23 PM) :

Do you ahve access to this community?
If so, casually explain to her that MPD is actually not a mental state so much as a choice, subconscious or not, to break yourself up into various facets. Its not a true neurological disorder and has no basis whatsoever in brain chemistry, its just a decision you make.
*goes to eat, be back in a bit*

Ayumi-Snowe (6:23 PM) :
I'm not here to argue her mpd =p

Ayumi-Snowe (6:24 PM) :
You never have a clue when you meet someone like that whether their personalities are a reality or if they know they're freaking deluded for whatever reason but expect you to still be sensitive to the anime characters in their head.

Ayumi-Snowe (6:24 PM) :
Making a statement like "Its not a true neurological disorder and has no basis whatsoever in brain chemistry" would be silly when she never even made such a claim.

The Great Hippo (6:53 PM) :
*returns from an AFK after eating*
Yeah, I can see what you mean, I think my main stigma against her is that I just perceive it as this massive cry of "LOOK AT ME, I have a unique brain pattern =D"

Still, it seems silly to persecute her just because she's thinking in a different way and telling you about it

Ayumi-Snowe (7:00 PM) :
I have about the same feelings toward mpd as I do toward otherkin.

Both are delusions of an overactive imagination brought on as a coping mechanism for one thing or another, and seem to have comparable prevelance of either abuse or blazing social insecurity in the pasts of those who portray it.

In my own thoughts I rail against it because the /realities/ claimed of either, aside from the very true presence of these thoughts and beliefs, are of course just plain scientifically wrong. Nothing is ever going to change the fact that a human brain made out of human cells hosts a human mind, however capable that mind is of thinking it's a dragon or three.

But how I handle the people is usually just to ignore them on a sort of "real life consent rule." As in, you can have private conversations with your mental menagerie and write in your livejournal about it as much as you want, but I'm under no obligation to validate it or give the Secret Autistic Handshake to Iori and Kami.

The Great Hippo (7:02 PM) :
I take offense to someone assuming they have access to the benefits you gain from possessing a particular disorder or mental pattern (in terms of the friends you'll automatically get because you're autistic and they're autistic too) because they're pretending their imaginary friends are autistic >:(

but I get uppity about this thing very easily

Ayumi-Snowe (7:06 PM) :
Yeah, that was kind of my initial reaction and what made me think it's so fucked up.

Despite my own leeriness on the idea of autism beginning or ending or needing much attention in the first place toward those who can get on decently in life (many autism communities are less rational or scientific than political, which just BAFFLES me), the obvious conclusion of "I'm a multiple and one or two of me is autistic" is that here is a person with Thinking Style Swiss making up bizarre fantasy lives about Thinking Styles Cheddar and Gouda, because there's simply no way you can actually experience a different one outside of lots of study and imagination. =P

The Great Hippo (7:08 PM) :
She's requesting access to a community mostly concerned with the struggles of black people despite being white. Why? Because one of her multiple personalities is black.

That's the metaphor I'd use.

Ayumi-Snowe (7:08 PM) :

Ayumi-Snowe (7:08 PM) :
That's a good one. :D

I never actually ask questions here. Oh well. Thoughts? (Ho. Ho. Ho.)
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