Siren (foolishship) wrote in complexquestion,

Clarification & Minor Changes

I just want to let everyone know that the point of this community is for intellectual discussion on all kinds of different subjects. I know it's pretty slow, but the last entry made me think about the regulations on the community. The only reason I would impose any additional regulations would be to really persue active discussion that does not offend anyone, even just initially.

The first one is quite simple... no logfiles! I'm sorry, I don't care if both people consent, but sometimes maybe not what *you* are saying is offensive, but the other person *is* being offensive. I know it's a pretty steriotypical rule, but I think it's a good one, and only under rare circumstances have I ever seen logfiles *add* to a discussion.

The second one is that I would prefer if people's opinions, questions, thoughts, curiosities, or what-have-you are worded in a way that is not a logfile or outright "I am right, you are wrong, everyone who is this is like this," and so on... making other people defensive from the get-go is really going to lessen the quality of discussion, and I'd like to see mature, intellectual discussion that does not result in people wind up being either defensive or outright offended. Sometimes, simply rewording a question or statement is all it takes, and you can still get the message or question across, just without having anyone get upset.

I left the last post up because I thought it resolved itself nicely, but I don't want to see something like that happen again. I kind of feel that simply rewording what Ayumi was asking about would have resulted in some more productive comments right away, instead of waaaay after the fact and after offense had already been taken. It seemed like a really anti-productive way to bring the discussion up, and I was hesitant to respond to it myself because of my feelings around Otherkin (and the people involved in the convo). My reply specifically skirted around the actual issue of "otherkin," because I was left a little bit speechless by the way the topic was originally brought up.

This is not criticism of anyone, I just feel that it was not as productive as it could have been.

Any comments or questions are more than welcome, I would be happy to breach the topic with anyone. I haven't ever modded a community before, so please be patient while I learn how best to deal with a situation like this. It's difficult to know what rules to add and not add, because I don't want anyone feeling restricted.
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