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Complex Questions

For the Frank

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Complex Questions is a community intended to allow the openminded a place to frankly discuss their views on the world at large. While adult discussion is the intent, this does not include discussions that wander into the "R-rated" realm -- conversation is meant to be clean. Preferred conversation topics might include things such as psychology, politics, philosophy, books, movies that make you think, lyrics with soul, or whatever other random epiphanies and revelations you may have in your own personal life.

While personal views are encouraged and preferred, and differing opinions are without question going to abound, we ask that you please refrain from allowing friendly debates to turn into personal attacks and arguements. We will enlist a zero tolerance policy that will prevent flaming -- anyone who delves into the realm of trolling will be immediately removed. Two primary rules of common courtesy that should be taken into account when posting here are: a) No logfiles, b) Please ensure you word your questions in a constructive way that will not put other people on the defensive, and immediately lessen the quality of discussion.

This community is "friends only," and as such your membership must be approved beforehand. Anyone and everyone will be given a chance, but with zero tolerance, it is the decent folk with thoughtful opinions and boggling questions that will be the ones to stay. In short, you must be a member to post, and logged in to comment -- this allows us to prevent posts from people we know to be bothersome.

So come, try us on for size -- get someone else's input or point of view on a matter that interests you.