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The Question of Hurricane Katrina

This is a topic that always stirs up good discussions.

Do you think Hurricane Katrina was handled well? Do you think Canada would have handled it differently or better? What sort of extenuating circumstances do you feel made the disaster even worse?

I do not think Hurricane Katrina was handled at all well. I think it was botched on all levels of government and that there was a severe failure to lend aid in the beginning stages. I think many of the deaths could have been prevented and the people given more support from their own country.

I am not sure if Canada would have handled it better, persay, but I am certain it would have been handled differently. The small bit of me that is patriotic suspects it would have been handled better if only because I like to believe that, in current day, racism is less prevalent than in the United States. I do think that racism and poverty were two extenuating circumstances that resulted in Katrina's victims being treated as they were - often left behind, without aid, etc.

Stupid quotes about Hurricane Katrina:
"Considering the dire circumstances that we have in New Orleans, virtually a city that has been destroyed, things are going relatively well." –FEMA Director Michael Brown, Sept. 1, 2005 (Source

"We finally cleaned up public housing in New Orleans. We couldn't do it, but God did." –Rep. Richard Baker (R-LA) to lobbyists, as quoted in the Wall Street Journal
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